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Overt and covert U.S. resources need to be directed at uncovering and eliminating any undisclosed sites within Iran connected directly and indirectly to nuclear weapons technology. Irans government regards atomic fission as a stepping stone towards its larger goal of nuclear fusion. Toward that end, Ali Akbar Salehi who heads Irans atomic energy agency inaugurated a National Nuclear Fusion Program in July 2010. Asked whether sanctions would have an impact on that program, Salehi responded, What have we been doing so far? Have the sanctions stopped us? We have enough expertise inside the country to move the [fusion] program forward cooperation with other countries would accelerate the pace. During and after the current JCPOA, pursuit of this potentially far more destructive capability must be forestalled by the U.S. in the interest of regional and global stability. The danger from Irans nuclear program is not merely one of deploying bombs. Even as the JCPOA was being finalized in July 2015, Salehi spoke of export plans to sell our strategic products, including enriched uranium and heavy water i.e., proliferation of nuclear technology. The Islamic Republic is already well-networked into official and clandestine nuclear pipelines having exchanged knowledge, technology and materials with North Korea, China, Russia and Pakistan.

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